Resident Benefit Package

Our Resident Benefit Package Includes the Following Features:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of this Resident Benefits Package?

No. PG Management Group, LLC is providing the Resident Benefits Package to all Residents. Residents receive the benefits of the coverage without additional applications, credit checks, or billing.


Tenants are required to maintain Landlord Required Tenant Liability Insurance to satisfy the Lease Requirement of $100,000 in liability insurance on behalf of the landlord. Tenants may OPT-OUT of purchasing this required insurance through the landlord's approved vendor by providing written proof to the following:

  1. Purchasing their own Renters Insurance with the proper liability coverage
  2. Purchasing Renters Insurance through our preferred provider
  3. Doing nothing and be auto-enrolled in our Tenant Liability Insurance ($9.00/month)

Coverage Notice: Tenant liability insurance is not designed to replace the Renter's personal/liability insurance policy.

The Resident Benefit Package additional fee is $50/mth for a single resident.(Effective 12.15.2020)