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A New Ransom: Cryptolocker

Another Trojan! Fantastic (eyes rolling) Well, I heard about this towards the end of 2013 and received the following email from ApplyDirect and CIC and thought I’d share it with you. Learn how to protect yourself here:
In old movies, ransom notes came in the form of pasted letters cut from newspapers. There’s a new kind of ransom that could pose a substantial risk to your business. Have you alerted your staff about how to protect one of your company’s most valuable assets?

The new threat is called Cryptolocker, a form of malware that locks you out of your own computer system unless you transfer money to shadowy shakedown artists who could be located down the street – or around the globe.  Cryptolocker works by encrypting everything on your system’s hard drive or any shared folders: business records, client files, financial data, the works. Once the files are encrypted, victims get the ransom note, complete with an ominous countdown clock warning people when their files will be gone for good. The criminals demand money through Bitcoin or some other anonymous payment method and say they’ll turn over the encryption key if you cough up the cash. Some companies have paid, but there’s no guarantee the crooks will unlock your files.
How do they work their way into your company’s system? Scammers send email that looks like everyday correspondence from legitimate companies (for example, tracking messages from shippers). Thinking it’s routine, your colleague clicks the link and – to quote that college sportscaster – boom goes the dynamite. Your files are in lock-down.”
For more information on CryptoLocker, please visit

Posted by: pamela greene on March 29, 2014
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